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  • My Favorites

    34 photos in 2 sub-albums

    Some of my favorites each year either for artistic. technical or in some cases emotional reasons. You may also find some of these in other albums.

  • Personal

    22 photos in 1 sub-album

  • Water

    50 photos

    Without water we cannot survive. I can watch and listen to running water for hours letting it heal my soul.

  • Urban

    45 photos

    Mankind is a creator and builder. There can be beauty found even when it may seem to be all spoil.

  • Sun-rise-set

    31 photos

    Two moments between day and night when we often enjoy the best of both. A bit cliche perhaps but who can have too many sunrises or sunsets?

  • Sky and Clouds

    10 photos

    By looking up we can most easily see our small and insignificant place in this vast and beautiful universe.

  • Plants & Flowers

    34 photos

    It is the plants and flowers that make our earth the paradise it could be -- if only man would stop spoiling and distroying.

  • People

    41 photos

    I am introverted by nature so photographing people doesn't come easy, but I am also a keen observer and find people very interesting.

  • Landscapes

    109 photos

    Nothing touches me more then a beautifully composed landscape. Doing it justice is an almost impossible task, but as a photographer I must try.

  • Creatures

    50 photos

    We are all creatures of the earth, these just happen to be the non-human ones.

  • Abstracts - Misc

    26 photos

    Small parts of a larger whole that seem to stand upon their own by design, pattern or artist impressions.


    264 photos in 6 sub-albums

    Projects are those things we keep coming back to, are continuely confronted with and never seem to finish -- so it is here.


    932 photos in 24 sub-albums

    Photos here are grouped together by location or in many cases by trip and/or visit. Some photos have made these albums because of the memories they provide more so then the artistic value -- please indulge me.